Safety Tips For Women
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Please take five minutes to read these tips as it may save your life, or that of a loved one. Remember: knowledge is power.

On Foot:

  • Always follow your instincts - if you see or sense any problems on your way, change your route and regularly change your routines
  • Mark out houses at intervals on each route you take that may be used as "safe houses" in the event of attack, such as shops or houses you know to be occupied. Try to incorporate these houses every time you vary your route. Don't presume that because your area has been safe thus far that it will continue to be so
  • Avoid wearing conspicuous jewellery when out alone. Also consider your clothing - where will it be worn? Will you be going out after work? Get into the habit of leaving restrictive clothing and shoes for those occasions when you are certain that you have no reason to anticipate danger, such as in large crowds, or being picked up after work, etc.
  • Fight the urge to listen to music, even if going for a jog - if you feel unsafe, phone a friend or family member, share your concerns and get them to stay on the line with you until you safely reach home
  • Try not to act or look like an easy target - maintain eye contact with those around you and be aware of your blind spot
  • If shadowed by a car, run back in the direction from which you came. Never presume it's just a coincidence - it's better to be safe than sorry
  • Never hitchhike, even in an emergency - use public transport or taxis instead, or phone someone close to you to pick you up

Public Transport:

  • Safety in numbers - wait in a coffee shop or in a well-lit area for public transport to arrive
  • On buses, don't choose the window seat to avoid being "blocked in" by a potential assailant - always choose an aisle seat or sit behind the driver
  • On SkyTrains, after peak hours choose the train compartment carrying the most passengers


  • Always check the identification of the driver (usually located near the visor) and ensure that it matches the driver
  • Be wary of cars with central locking
  • Don't sit behind the driver as it may be easy for him or her to lock the rear passenger door - always choose the adjacent seat
  • Avoid flagging taxis from the street - try to order taxis in advance so that the driver can be traced

Motor Vehicles:

  • Danger areas include stepping out of your car either at home or in isolated areas, and also walking to your car, so always approach your vehicle with the keys ready
  • Always check your car before entering. Don't check texts, etc. once you're sitting in your car - lock the doors and leave immediately
  • Windows should be up and doors locked, even when driving, to avoid unwanted passengers at intersections
  • Never leave your car unlocked, even for a few minutes to pop in somewhere - attackers have been known to lie in wait for such an opportunity
  • Never get into a car, even if ordered to under duress - immediately run away screaming and calling for help. It's much more likely that the attacker will drive away than going after you
  • Never pull your car over from a quiet road, even if someone drives alongside your car pointing at the tyres, etc. Continue driving to a well-lit and crowded area before exiting your car
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